About CABz

Artist Statement: Chris A. Owens

Black Red Deco Water Bottle
Artisan water bottle

Chris has been working in polymer since 2007. Her signature items are artisan veneered canteens and mini-kaleidoscopes. Each year a portion of her work is donated to support women’s organizations and other not-for-profit community groups.

CABz is the artist signature for RetroVenue studio. The “Bz” and whimsical bees tucked into her illustrations honor the Polish branch of her family and English translation of her maiden name, “Beekeeper.”

Studying Graphic Design led Chris to explore media with depth and texture; ultimately to modern clays and working in polymer. Originally drawn to its capacity for texture and color, she found working in polymer a relaxing, healing process that produces versatile and durable art. She is on a mixed media journey that injects art into function, explores resins, is punctuated with illustrations, and draws on vintage and historical references or components.

You can find her work at Edenside Gallery and in her art studio. Studio Location: Art Sanctuary – Studio 206 A/D, 1433 S. Shelby Street, Louisville KY. (Please use contact in advance for studio appointment/access by using the contact form below or search for @RetroVenue on Facebook.)

Affiliations: International Polymer Clay Association, and Kentucky Tennessee Polymer Clay Guild (KTPCG). She credits The KTPCG annual retreat, which features regional, national and international artists, with expanding her ability to grow as an artist.